Sunday, 2 October 2011

sunday music; heads up by karen o and the kids

I love 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs', I love Karen O. I love 'Where the Wild Things Are' - the original book, the film, and the novel that Dave Eggers wrote based on it all. And I love the soundtrack to the film too.

The film is actually quite sad, or kind of tender and sad, or maybe just bittersweet. It's really beautiful, and if you haven't watched it, I think you should.

I'm having trouble choosing my favourite song from the soundtrack. 'Worried Shoes' is lovely, as is 'Hideaway', and I adore 'Capsize' too. gah.

So, am going with 'Heads Up' because it's pretty joyful and fun, and I can kind of imagine lots of little kids marching to it (maybe with me leading them??). Enjoy.x

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  1. i haven't seen the movie but i lovvvvvve the soundtrack!


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