Monday, 3 October 2011

We love Miranda July

My lovely friend Shelley sent me a link to this, an article written by Miranda July in which she discusses her 'first feminist action'  It's from the Rookie website which you probably all know about, and which I think I'd read about and then forgotten... anyway, it's a website for teenage girls and it's great... I am not a teenage girl (far from it) but there is so much I loved on this site, from music to books...

In 2009 Bert and I went to Venice for the Biennale. Miranda July had some work there and it was great. Here are a couple of photos!

 what bert looks like when he is lying
 what I look like when I am lying
and what me and bert look like in Venice in 2009 when one of us has a big spot on their chin (me)

It's been a hot week in Wales this past week... but tonight you can feel the weather changing... it's all dark and stormy.x


  1. I have a friend who is beyond obsessed with Miranda July....I have been starting to get into her as well! NICE POST!


  2. did you read her piece in the new yorker this week? so good!

  3. ha! we should all be obsessed with miranda july shayla! and thanks knitxcore... i didn't but i will!

  4. she's awesome! I've been waiting for the right moment to re-read her book no one belongs here more than you. I'll have to check her article first and the one in the new yorker as well. thanks for the links sian lile and knitxcore.


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