Wednesday, 23 November 2011

creative space

I've been mainly been making gingerbread men tree decorations.... I thought they'd be cute gifts... I think I'll have a few spare, would anyone like one? I don't mind where you live as am happy to send a lil man as they are only small.

If you would like one just comment below and tell me something about gingerbread, men or gingerbread men.

I'll pop the names in a 'hat' and pick out a few next wednesday.x


  1. Oh I'd love some!
    My gingerbread tale - today, at mother and toddler group we made decorations.

    Cut a gingerbread man shape out of sandpaper, rub it with a cinnamon stick, decorate with glitter glue (eyes, mouth buttons).
    They could all be friends together.

  2. They are very cute!! :) The only thing I know about gingerbread men is that my little man likes to eat them ... ha ha ha!

    ps. I'm having a little giveaway on my blog too :)

  3. Oh gosh they are adorable. I love how you changed their faces, so many different personalities you have there :)

    I need to make some too, all I ca tell you about gingerbread is that I LOVE to eat it. A lot. nom nom nom nom.

  4. they're precious! i love gingerbread lattes! <3

  5. All of them are as delicious as the one you showed us before. I love gingerbread dough so much that I rarely have any left when it comes to baking. And when I was in my early teens a boy I had a crush on fed me ready made raw gingerbread dough in the parking lot of the grocery shop next to our school. It just streghtened my love of gingerbread dough. Even though the boy turned out to be far less lovely. And now when I think of it was quite an odd little scenario anyway.

  6. I would absolutely adore one for my Christmas tree, every year I look to add something new to it and a homemade gingerbread man would be perfect - especially one with smiles :) I love traditioanl Gingerbread Jamaican cake, does that count for an entry.

  7. Those are crazy adorable!! :)


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