Wednesday, 30 November 2011

gingerbread men....

I couldn't choose. So lucewoman, do a bit , raspberryrainbow, knitxcore, Martta, Shaheen and steven andrew can all have a felt gingerbread man with a strange face to hang on their trees. 
 Please email me your addresses at and I'll post them IMMEDIATELY  and hope they get to you in time for christmas.
my favourite comment was martta's...

'I love gingerbread dough so much that I rarely have any left when it comes to baking. And when I was in my early teens a boy I had a crush on fed me ready made raw gingerbread dough in the parking lot of the grocery shop next to our school. It just streghtened my love of gingerbread dough. Even though the boy turned out to be far less lovely. And now when I think of it was quite an odd little scenario anyway.'

people who didn't comment but who are on my Christmas list anyway will also be getting some little g.menx


  1. Ah you have a big gingerbread heart. Thank you so much for sharing these adorable little people with us. Emailing you right away.

  2. oh yay! that's so nice of you to send us all some gingerbread love. though it might be a clever plot to take over the world. one gingerbread man loving household at a time.cheeky!


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