Thursday, 3 November 2011

knitting and stuff

Today I learnt how to finger knit! yep.

that is my orange bit of finger knitting at the bottom of the photo....
...and then all the bits we made got joined together....

It was all part of a training day for Craft Club, which is a national campaign in the uk getting craft clubs going in schools and other places... the people who run the clubs are usually volunteers who pass their skills on to others (often children).  It's all types of craft but mostly knitting or crochet... I don't actually knit or crochet... so as yet have no skills to pass on (other than my awesome fingerknitting ones!), but am thinking of giving it a shot. So far I have avoided learning to knit as I wanted to concentrate on sewing and patchwork, and I don't really feel I have the time to get obsessed with something new.... also I don't like wool (it's scratchy and I avoid it as I am vegan), but I can just use cotton or acrylic right?

A rather fabulous knitter called Amy Twigger Holroyd talked about her work and all the wonderful things she does at music festivals....'s one of Amy's photos from Green Man...

So... has anyone got any tips for my journey into knitting and crochet??

(oh... feel i was a bit flippant about the wool... especially as I am wearing a wool cape as I type. I try not to buy wool.. but do have some woollen items... I would rather knit/crochet with non-wool yarns... I don't really know a whole heap about the whole wool industry, but for myself, I pretty much go with trying not to use any animal products at all... )


  1. if you decide to knit, i suggest "stitch n' bitch" by debbie stoller. that's the book i used to learn.

  2. I second Stitch and Bitch as it's totally non-scary. There are lots of bamboo and cotton yarns on the market you can use too. I disagree that wool is itchy! Yes some wools are but there are lots which are amazingly soft. I totally understand if you're not into wool due to being vegan tho! Take a trip to your local wool vendor and spend some time touching all the yarns to find what you like :)
    p.s how would you feel if someone gave you a knitted item as a gift? (Just asking, like...)

  3. I vaguely recall finger knitting once in my teens, but thats it. I'd love to both crochet and knit one-day, but every time I feel like I am getting somewhere I get stuck - I need a knitting/crochet partner - i struggle to learn fom just a book. Stitch n Bitch was also recommended to me.

  4. i have ordered stitch and bitch from the library - thank you both. (i accept all kinds of gifts by the way.)X
    shaheen? when you move back to wales we'll learn to knit together!!


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