Sunday, 20 November 2011

sunday music - two songs that make me cry....

yay! two songs that make me cry! neither of them particularly sad songs, but both of them just touching and sweet.

Martha by Tom Waits

this song is from Tom Waits' first album 'Closing Time' which was released in 1973. I am more familiar with his later growly stuff... and didn't know this song until Bert started putting it on at home. So, the story is that Tom is phoning an old love that he hasn't seen for forty years or more to suggest they meet up, the lyrics and the song are just so beautiful, but the bit that really gets me is about half way through when he says 'Martha, Martha, I love you can't you see.' sob.

Kooks by David Bowie
This song is the cutest. It's from the 1971 album 'Hunky Dory' and it's about bringing up a little one. The bit that makes me cry is 'cause we believe in you' because it just seems the sweetest thing to say to your child.

I can't find a video for this on youtube (well there are some but it comes up saying that EMI won't let me show it in this country). sorry about that, you'll just have to trust me.

Wanna share what songs make you cry? 'Tougher than the Rest' by Bruce Springsteen makes Bert cry (along with many other songs that he's not prepared to go public with ).xx


  1. I tend cry at songs from films
    Edward Scissorhands-EVERY TIME!
    Even just a snippet! haha

  2. When I broke up with my childhood sweetheart, I listened to "There is no love between us anymore" by Pop Will Eat Itself on a loop. I recently listened to it again and I welled up. More because I spent so long being sad about it, not re-surfacing hearbreak.

    I found the video strangely compelling:

  3. ... the list is too long. For me, it's not the song, but the time of my life that it reminds me of.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


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