Monday, 19 December 2011

another day, another christmas decorations craft table

I think I am pretty much done with showing people how to make tissue paper pom poms. I had a busy weekend in work, making pom poms and paper chains, and it was great because children and adults were equally as keen on taking part. On saturday I also had to film a little interview for tv... I had the worst cold and it turned out that as soon as the camera is on me I talk in cliches. who knew. I have no intention of watching it anyhow... and my dreams of getting my own show (siani's homemade home??) have evaporated.
I NEVER get tired of making paper snow flakes though.. they are the best.x


  1. awww! thet're so fun! i would watch your show! (even if it was riddled with clichees) :-)

  2. yeah, i watched my interivew online yesterday... i had a big round face and talked really really fast. class


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