Monday, 12 December 2011

baby quilt? done.

back of the quilt
now, stand back for some detail shots.x

overall I'm quite pleased with it. I feel I finally mastered the binding with the help of an online tutorial and the top of the quilt looks good and I love the colours. The downside is that I tried to quilt it on the machine and it all went terribly wrong... so there is a lot of bunching up on the quilt which you can see in the pictures. On the plus side, I covered mistakes/holes with bits of yellow felt which I also embroidered, and I think they look great. So really, it was a good thing to make so many mistakes....
Next time will be better.x


  1. Sometimes the best way to learn is to make mistakes, I know its frustrating but it does make your efforts better for the next time. I think its fab.

  2. I love all the fabrics you used! and I really love the little details!

  3. OOh I forgot to add, I adore the tiny heart addition.

  4. I love this quilt! The fabrics are beautiful. Are they vintage bed sheets?

  5. It's absolutely beautiful and the mistakes turned into little quirky details just make it extra special.

  6. oh too kind! but thank you all.x yes, vintage bedsheets - aside from the butterfly print on the front which was new.x

  7. I am completely in love with those colours and prints- wow girl, you should be so proud. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and thank you for all the inspiration, support, and on line friendship this past year xxx

  8. i love all of the special little details!


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