Sunday, 11 December 2011

feeling cozy

It's cold out, so I've been enjoying staying in this weekend, reading, watching tv, reading blogs and feeling christmassy. Here are some pictures to make you feel cozy too (I hope)

imagine that we are holed up here...
(image via pinterest)

...maybe reading this. I love this book and all the other Foxfire books.
For more information go to their website

I saw this adorable christmas pudding cat bed in the shops and really wanted it, but Sadie already has a cat bed she doesn't sleep in....(from here)

 ...she prefers her shoe box by the heater.
She is in there at the moment - snoring like spongebob.

a lovely picture! look at that little lions face! (from here)

Bert's feet in the Autumn leaves a couple of months ago...

my pea soup. It's really quick to make (I made this particular one before going to work) and so tasty. It's just onions, garlic, potatoes peas, salt and pepper. For a bit of warmth add some chilli, and if you are in a rush you could just skip the potatoes as they take the longest to cook.

 my friend Sara made me a woolly candy cane for my tree. It's perfect for our pink tree and the sugarbread man underneath it has closed his eyes in candy ecstacy.

piles of blankets... (sadie likes to sit on top of these too - like princess and the pea)

quilt in progress...

my first tomato soup ever! am super proud of myself. 


  1. I sure feel cozy now! I want to be that cat in the christmas pudding bed.
    I love the progress of your quilt! Looking super cutes!

  2. yep, I'm also there with the feeling super cosy now, Cute photos


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