Sunday, 11 December 2011

flea market finds

oo floral fabric and 70s floral ribbon. They have the most amazing selection of vintage ribbon in my local vintage shop. I bought 5 metres of the ribbon thinking I'd wrap it around Christmas gifts. yeah, that's not going to happen! I'm just going to keep it for myself and take it out and look at it! I love ribbon but never seem to use it. The fabric is just a small piece but it can become part of a quilt no doubt.

I need to work on some Christmas crafting today, do you? make time to go over to Sophie's for some more flea market finds though!x

(thought I'd add this picture of the ribbons in the shop which I just stole off twitter)


  1. Keep it as a gift for someone who will appreciate it - you!

  2. This ribbon brings back SO many memories of the 70's for me... I swear it's true... because my dad had THAT exact flower ribbon (a slightly bigger size) down the side of his flared jeans!!! Whoah... flash back!! :) I would just keep it too... Love it!

  3. oh the ribbon is gorgeous. it would be beautiful on the bottom of a skirt but I'd probably keep on looking at it too.

  4. I love ribbon too bit never want to use it! That fabric is so sweet.

  5. wow! that is a lot of gorgeous ribbon!

  6. that ribbon is dreamy!!!! i still have a handful of projects to finish!


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