Wednesday, 28 December 2011

gingerbread (and sugarbread) men on tour....

I made A LOT of gingerbread men for Christmas (and sugarbread men too - the pink ones) fact I even seemed to get a gingerbread men injury! (sore wrist from sewing and stuffing...)

I sent a few out to lovely bloggers... and thought it would be nice to share the photos here. I hope that's ok everyone!

 knitxcore in the USA
 a gingerbread man at Bert's brothers house.... in England
 allotment2kitchen in Scotland
 lucewoman in Wales
 do a bit  in Australia
 My friend Nicola in England
and Arabella's tree in Wales...

and this is the one that inspired them all...

this gingerbread man is in the collections (not on display) in St Fagans:National History Museum where I work. This little man is from around 1912... and is still looking in tip top condition. The person who made this gingerbread man may have been doing so for magical reasons - you could create a doll in the image of someone (poor person who looks like this!) and then if you ate the doll you would absorb all the power of the person.

if anyone else has any gingerbread men pictures for me let me know!


  1. They all look so happy in their new homes. Wishing you and your readers a Happy Happy New Year.

  2. I like this! on tour. great! keen work my friend!

    Jordan's Typewriter

  3. Ha ha ha ... so cool to see where they all ended up!! I think it's funny you included my crazy christmas tree photo... poor little gingerbread men are completely lost in the tinsle jungle :)

    Happy new year to you xxx


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