Wednesday, 21 December 2011

school's out!

how exciting! it was my last day at work today until next year... plus, I only did half a day anwyays....
I've never actually used the term 'school's out', we usually went for something lots less punchy like 'it's the end of term'. anyway, this is what i'm going to be doing... not sure what she is drinking, dry something, dry sherry? fine. I'll force it down.

adding to the excitement is a new front door and new cowboy boots! pictures to follow soon! (just  the boots, not the door).


  1. Last day song:

    "One more day of school,
    One more day of sorrow,
    One more day of this old dump
    And we'll be free tomorrow!"

    I'm free of the school run at least. Stupidly I still had to get the boys up and dressed this morning for hair cuts at 9.30. Schoolboy error.

    I want cowboy boots, no fair!

  2. Great photo... hope she didn't drink the whole bottle.. Yikes :)

    Thank you so much...I recieved your gorgeous little gingerbread men yesterday... I just LOVE them and I have done a little post on them too :)

    Hope you guys have a great christmas xxx

  3. lakota! glad you are free of the school run. i love my cowboy boots but look more middle aged art teacher rather than young country star.
    and lamina? am off to look at your post now - glad you got them!xx


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