Sunday, 4 December 2011

sunday music - man's road by america

Today we watched 'The Last Unicorn'. Are you familar with it? I wasn't until quite recently (it's one of Bert's favourite films) - it's an animated feature made in 1982 about a unicorn (with the voice of Mia Farrow) who leaves her beautiful woodland home on a long journey to try and find other unicorns.
While she is on this trip she does a lot of walking on roads, man's roads. This is the song that accompanies her....
Isn't it pretty? 
Joanna Newsom did a version too...
here it is!
it's a live version... and the crowd seem to really like The Last Unicorn.
The animation from the film is lovely and has lots of foresty greens and magical pinks.


  1. I love joanna newsom! That's so awesome she did a version of the song!

  2. I remember watching that cartoon as a kid...I always found it pretty freaky!


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