Thursday, 15 December 2011

swap goodies

yay! swap goodies!
Lakota organised a fantastic christmas blog swap, and I was paired with Kestrel Finds and Makes....and this is what she sent me...

 all of these things! a lunch bag, a bangle, a tree decoration, handmade gloves and the material!
 such a lovely wooden bangle
 Kestrel Finds and Makes even took note of my nonsense of decorating in pink and brown and sent me this lovely handmade decoration, which is now proudly hanging from my pink tree.
 and best of all these amazing owl and the pussycat mittens...
have you seen cuter mittens?
(i don't think so)

and this is what I sent...
vintage needlecraft magazine, ribbons, buttons, a vintage Christmas postcard and some handmade gingerbread decorations. Yep, you are right - the mittens win.x


  1. Hee, I love the photo of you wearing the mittens! :) I love my pressies too, am going to put up my decorations tonight so I can get the cutie gingerbread men up.

  2. Oh my word, those mittens are really quite incredible! What a smart bird that Kestrel is. Fab gifts all round.

  3. Don't EVER lose those mittens! They are super cute.
    Lovely parcels, received and given. So thoughtful.

  4. i will never lose the mittens. 1 - because i love them, and 2 - because am scared that lucy will shout at me.

  5. Wow the detail on those mitts is lovely - kitty and owl - together can be a dangerous combination, but here so sweet. I love the lunch bag, I have similar but its Christmas themed.

    Sweet swap.

  6. I'd never shout at you, you're too sweet!
    I had a dream last night that you served me in a shop and asked me if I'd look after baby Tomos for you.

  7. I love the gingerbread ornaments, so adorable!

  8. those mittens are adorable! fab goodies both from kestrel and you, dont u just love swapping! i'm snooping around what others got via lakota's blog :)



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