Tuesday, 27 December 2011

what i wore - outfit post

This is what I wore for our Boxing Day walk in the rain yesterday. Bert also had a cute outfit on but he was a teeny bit grumpy about having to go for a walk in the rain and so didn't get his photo taken....

 have I shown you my cape before? it's a vintage 60s one and I bought it last year. My blue handbag is from an art gallery in Finland which I bought when I was on a cruise.....the gloves are my wonderful gloves made by kestrel finds and makes.
I am aware that this outfit is slightly crazy. plus a cape is hugely not practical - you can't drive in it or carry a shoulder bag. I think it's mainly for nights out at the opera.
hope you had a lovely christmas! we did here.xx


  1. I'm rather liking the look! Cool cape.

  2. I love the cape! Very stylish. Also love the red and mustard colour combo.


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