Thursday, 22 December 2011

what we wore... outfit post

so, I mentioned I had a new front door, and new cowboy boots, but I also have a new dress.
I requested that Bert wear his Grinch top for this photo shoot and he kindly did. So here are some pics of what we wore today. I hope you like them... if not, feel free to skip and I'll be back tomorrow talking about books, or films... or both.
 So these are my new boots. I have wanted cowboy boots for the longest time but couldn't find any non-leather ones. This year vegetarian shoes produced a pair. yes!

...then today I got my new dress in the post. It's from joe browns, and has pictures of two of my favourite things - books and cats.
my coat is second hand....and smells like it is too.

the reveal.
(and please note my new front door)

am pretty excited about christmas...

and now for bert....

if you have seen my other outfit posts... you will recognise these 'pop' cords again...

...but the top is something else...

 Bert cut up a Grinch t shirt that was the wrong size and sewed it on to his brown long sleeved shirt.
Genius! and super festive.
this shot is from after our official shoot.....


  1. You pair are too cute!
    Lovely dress and boots.

    Lucy x

  2. Bert's a genius! Love it. Your dress is so nice. Looking good lady!

  3. You guys are some rad dads! I love your boots, dress and door!

  4. Wow I love your dress! I migh just have to have a look what joe browns has to offer! Xx

  5. Oh my goodness- I love this! That shirt is fabulous and you are totally beautiful- as always!

    xo em

  6. Merry Festive To The Cute Couple. Great outfits both x

  7. why are you both so adorable??!!!!! gah!


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