Saturday, 24 December 2011

winding down....

I've been so busy in work recently, as well as spending evenings making things for Christmas... and then the last couple of days have been spent doing errands and food shopping and all of that stuff and by yesterday I was just worn out (not as worn out as say, people working in retail... sorry bert) so I got the new Joan Didion book and just lay on the sofa and read it all (and took a nap half way through).

..and it was so, so good. I'd like to write about it in a seperate post, but I find books quite hard to write about... or maybe just too much like hard work.
I have always loved to read (apart from between the ages of around 12-15 when I gave it up for a while), and I remember when I was small we had a chart in school where you had to write every book you read on it and write a little report about it too. I think you got a star for each book you read as well.
I hated writing book reports. I just read my usual amount of books and then wrote a report on just a few of them, so my amounts on the wall were no where near what I had actually read, and yet I'd still read more than anyone else.
That's just a lengthy way of saying that I'd like to write about Blue Nights and all the other books I've read this year (there's a list at the top of the blog if you are interested)... but I may not get round to it.
So in case I don't, I'll just say that this book was great, Joan Didion is great.

Happy Christmas from Bert-Elf and Santa-Sian
(or Sian Corn - kinda mrs santa in welsh).x

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  1. I'm completely the same about reading. I read all the time as a child then stopped as a teenager before really discovering books at 19. So much so that i ended up being a bookseller for most of my adult life! But i also find it hard to write about them. I've seen some inspiring reads from you this year and i'll definately be checking some of them out.
    Have a wonderful Christmas you two!


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