Friday, 13 January 2012

the fault in our stars by john green

Yesterday Bert got us the new John Green book and let me read it first. I started it last night round about 6ish and read til bedtime and then got up at 6.30am and finished it before work.

It is so good, it's a young adult book and is wonderfully written with great characters, charming, funny (like really funny. laugh out loud funny), and I kinda think I should warn you that it's pretty sad too....I cried a lot. In fact I'm kind of drained today from all the crying...

You should all read it... except maybe if you are feeling a bit delicate, then you should save it for another day. And it's not just me that thinks it's amazing, the one, the only Judy Blume thinks it is too, she tweeted this earlier:
just finished TFIOS. Can't speak though the tears have dried. Thank you for Hazel and Augustus.
So I think it's amazing, Judy thinks it's amazing... read it, read it, read it.x


  1. it;s going on the wishlist now!

  2. Oh go on then, added to the list. I do love a YA (and I don't mean Taylor Lautner, that's just creepy)


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