Sunday, 8 January 2012


Most of these pictures are of food we made and ate over Christmas...

christmas eve means lentil and vegetable soup with homemade olive and rosemary bread. I've made this bread a few times and it always works... I should try some different types but am a little scared.

chestnut and mushroom pie for Christmas dinner

salad with roasted pumpkin and some kind of fake meat - am not sure what

coffee and vanilla cupcake on cute plates

and a pretty 70s looking platter with scheese, crackers, pickles, tomatoes and olives

are any of you breadmakers? got any vegan bread recipes for me to try? I got a book out of the library but loads of the recipes had dairy in them. boo.


  1. We had chestnut and mushroom pie for Xmas dinner too! It was so good. Ours was veggie version rather than vegan though, and we added some leeks in as well.

  2. oh yes! We make LOADS of bread on account of "traces of nuts" in so much boughten bread. Sun dried tomato and olive is my fave. Pumpkins seeds are also gorgeous. I will have athink about what else we bake.

  3. my best bread recipes has honey and milk. i'm no help! that mushroom and chestnut thing looks good :-)

  4. I'm not a good baker, but I made some a while back but I can't remember the recipe (Useful, I know) But I remember I used soya milk. I also used the same recipe to make tomato aand oregano rolls-yum! Probably a basic vegan recipe will do. Maybe try



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