Thursday, 19 January 2012

on learning to knit....

yay! I've started to learn!
this is actually how far I've got. I've been using the stich n bitch book which I love, but to be honest can't really follow very well. The plain knitting I did yesterday was more a re-learning/re-remembering thing as I used to knit when I was a child.
I think I may have to just watch some videos to learn some more stitches....
What should I make first? Do you know of any easy but cute projects? I don't really want to make a scarf, but am not against knitted ties or blankets....


  1. Hooray for learning to knit! I would suggest bows are very good to knit whilst you are learning tension and different stitches.

    When I teach I suggest they knit a rectangle and then pinch in the middle, sew or tie with ribbon, or even knit a narrow long rectangle and secure the pinch with that! You can make them as big or small as you like, and they are quick and easy to make whilst you get your head around techniques and things.

    Headbands are also good to make, try a fun yarn or sew buttons or what ever you fancy onto it to make it more fun. Knit a long narrow rectangle and sew to fit. You can knit short rows (say, cast on 10) or you can cast say, 50 and knit longways to give you a different effect. the long ways method will require a bit of trail and error.

    Good luck and keep us updated on your knitting journey!

    oh, is a free site, great to use for free patterns and sharing makes. A bit like Facebook for wool! (I'm marthaamouse if you decide to join up, say hello!)

  2. That's how I learned how to knit too!!
    Definitely watch some videos on how to knit as well, they are super helpful.

  3. Well done on your knitting progress. if you're not keen on a scarf how about some kind of cowl or neckwarmer, which would also be an easy rectangular shape but a bit more stylish and quicker to knit. I can highly recommend signing up to ravelry to peruse all the brilliant free patterns on there. You can see how others have got on with different patterns, and there are help forums too.

  4. Hi,
    So happy to hear you are learning to knit. I highly recommend heading to your local yarn store and signing up for a class. It is so much fun and you will pick it up quickly surrounded by like minded students and a helpful teacher. Once you've got the basics, youtube rocks. I agree that Ravelry is great for checking out patterns, yarns and looking at other knitters projects. I'm knit-a-latte over there.

  5. that's the book that I used to learn! i did every project in it; front to back. I learned all of the techniques through it. I had never even seen another knitter until last fall, after i had been knitting for about six years alone. it doesn't hurt to develop your own "style". :-)

  6. well thanks for all the support guys! i feel surrounded by knitting angels. knitxcore? did you make the bikini in stitch n bitch?


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