Sunday, 8 January 2012


detail of one of my quilts
It's been over a year since I started at the old quilting, and I still feel quite inadequate about my sewing skills. For some reason I expect my quilts to be PERFECT even thought it is all handsewing.... but then when I look at other people's quilts, it's the wonkiness and the imperfections that I like.

detail of gee's bend quilt
My new book about Gee's bend quilts has been quite the inspiration.... the quilts, while originally discussed as 'not being art' have since been compared to Matisse and Klee. The women who made the quilts talk about how they were inspired by the buildings around them, a quilter called Netty Young says
'When you're making a quilt, you're building, because you go to put the first plank just like you have to put the first block.'
The fabric isn't cut straight, in fact the quilts themselves aren't even square, and the stitching is obviously handstiched and stands out against the fabric, and it all looks amazing.  I've only just started reading the book, so will probably be talking about it for quite some time...
I've also just discovered Pam Garrison's blog. She combines quilting and patchwork and embroidery, I was looking through her images and was thinking to myself  'it's ok to do that?', I don't know where my self-imposed rules have come from!  Here are some images of Pam's work, delicious no?


  1. pam's quilts are mind-blowing, and your's are pretty great too!

  2. I'd never heard of her! Thanks for the link! Beautiful!


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