Sunday, 1 January 2012

sunday music - ghost dance patti smith

Patti, Patti, Patti.
Bert bought me Easter by Patti Smith for Christmas. It's from 1978 and although I haven't listened to it all properly yet, am immediately in love with 'Ghost Dance'.

It wasn't until I read Patti's book 'Just Kids' last year (it was my most favourite book I read last year, and Bert read it this year and it's his best book too) that I started listening to her music. You should all make it your new year's resolution to read 'Just Kids' in 2012 with her cds as a soundtrack to it. yep.

What music did you like this year? I've really enjoyed music suggestions on other blogs, thanks to Knitxcore I bought some 'Jens Lekman', and thanks to Stelabird I've just bought 'Youth Lagoon', which I love.


  1. i have a sort of love/hate relationship with Patti. lately, it's been she and him on repeat. everyday.

  2. ah, but then have you read the book? then you will love/love her....although maybe not watch that film that came out about 3 years ago (then you mite hate/hate her).

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