Tuesday, 24 January 2012

surprise party complex

Bert was on flickr looking at 60s pulp fiction and saw this beauty and had to have it.
And while that is a wonderful cover, the book that Bert got in the post looked like this:

 what. a .cover.
here's a close up of the highball...

actually, am not sure what this drink is - any thoughts?
it kinda looks like a martini with a slice of orange to me.

yep, I just published the post and Bert said 'it's a lollipop' and so it is!
I am now thinking a lollipop in a glass of champagne - a comment on the teenagers in the book no doubt.

The book is now out of print, but lord knows why as it is just great. From the 60s, this novel is a dreamy and summery story about three teenagers living in LA. It has a lovely sense of place and time, and other than the ending (a bit too plot driven for me) it was wonderful.

Have just checked out some other Ramona Stewart titles:
Possession of Joel Delaney?
Sixth Sense?
A Confidence in Magic?

they sound good....

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  1. Gorgeous covers, the story sounds good fun too - never read any of hers though.


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