Monday, 9 January 2012

things to do in 2012 #1: get married.

yep, this could be us.
we are getting married sometime this year... (maybe autumn?) and it's just going to be me and bert.
we may take inspiration from the awesome photo above.... I would possibly marry this guy anyway.
I like the can of lager too. nice touch.
I can't remember where I found this photo, so am sorry there isn't a credit.
we may go to Vegas, or we may go to San Francisco.
have any of you guys got married in either of these places? any tips?


  1. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I got married in my own backyard so I can't be of any help in recommending one of those locations. I did, however, take a trip to San Fransisco last year and I can say it's a wonderful city to visit at least:)

  2. Yay to you two getting married! We got married in a civil service and i had gastroentoritis on my wedding day so i haven't really got any recommendations for you (other than don't get sick!)

  3. Ooh congrats! I haven't been to either of those places but I'm a big fan of small and personal ceremonies. We only had 9 guests at ours.

  4. Congrats! I'm totally not a 'wedding' person, but have you ever seen this site? There are some amazing themed weddings.
    Vegas is really fun (I think the Hard Rock Hotel is the best) But I'd say San Francisco (Sisco is named after there) There is just so much to do and I love the Golden Gate park, you can rent bike there and expore! You could always visit Vegas too, flights can be cheap. You can get great hotel deals through expedia. I stayed in California for 2 months, so feel free to ask anything.

  5. how exciting! i love a little low-key celebration. i feel like san fransisco could be fun. a little ashbury-haight,


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