Sunday, 26 February 2012

carnival - bikini kill

I mentioned yesterday that i was reading 'Girls to the front: the true story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution' by Sara Marcus and have thus been having my own personal early 90s revival.  I don't remember listening to Bikini Kill back in the day, but I did go to a riot grrrl gig in London when I was there for a weekend in 91 or 92... am not even sure who was playing, but part of me thinks it was Huggy Bear... but the other part isn't sure... Some of the people we were with didn't like the music so we left early.
Missed (or mis-remembered) gigs are pretty cool though... someone who taught me in college told me that he had tickets to go to see Hendrix play but his mother found out and wouldn't let him go because he was too young.
back to Bikini Kill.... carnival is great, i like the sound and i adore the words....
are you a riot grrrl?x
what gigs didn't you quite make it to but wish you had?


  1. I was more into grunge, but I did have a phase of listening to Babes in Toyland, L7 etc...they weren't that good though! I liked Hole, do they count?

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    1. i liked hole too. some of the riot grrrl stuff is pretty hard going listening wise... but really like that the book i am reading talks about riot grrrls feminist and political roots.

  2. Stone roses atspike island. Had tickets, sold them as went off to chase a boy instead!

  3. i love bikini kill AND huggy bear! ahhhh. good stuff! i'm really sad that i wasn't actually old enough for woodstock 94. i cry about it sometimes. ugh.


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