Wednesday, 29 February 2012

creative space - printing on fabric

i've mentioned printing with soft block before... and am liking the idea of simple prints on fabric to use in quilts. Then I thought, why not use letter stamps on fabric? how cute would that be?
the answer is very.
am running a little session on printing by hand in work soon... am going to do stuff like the above and maybe some potato printing... anyone got any tips or ideas?


  1. Sorry no tips...but a question. What ink do you use for printing on fabric? I've seen this so many times and thought I'd love to try that, but then not really known what ink to use (and if that would be washable).

  2. hi shell, the ink that i have used here comes in a stamp pad and is called 'versacraft for fabric, paper, wood and more' - apparently you just iron it after it's dried and then it should be permanent and washable. i have not tried this though... so i'll give it a go and let you know!! i don't imagine it would be super duper permanent althought prob be good for bags and things.... am sure there are lots better actual inks out there rather than ink pads (i was using inkpads as it was pretty cheap and mess free)but haven't really looked yet.xxxx i may look into it this've got me intrigued!!!xx

  3. you can use cut-up sponges. that's all i've got. haha.


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