Sunday, 19 February 2012

hotel chelsea, I hadn't realised that the Hotel Chelsea (or the Chelsea Hotel) closed last August. Apparently the permanent residents are still there but the rest of the hotel is shut for rennovations. Will it open again? and if it does will it be spoiled? and will it have the same quilts? does anyone know?
Anyway... I've stayed there twice (or maybe three times.. am not sure), the last time round about in 2005 (actually, I put a bit more thought into this and I think it was 2007). I love it there, I love the fadedness of it and the fact that loads of famous awesome people have stayed there (bob dylan, leonard cohen, dylan thomas, thomas wolfe, vali myers and many more).

Here are some of my pictures which I've had to rephotograph to put here...

that's me in the mirror

photos in my photo album

love the stairways...and all the paintings

how nice is that bed and the bedding?

I've also been looking online for hotel chelsea photos and collected a few on a board on pinterest, and the following photos are all from there.

love this picture - it's views from the window of the chelsea

Ryan Adams at the chelsea...while I was there I probably looked just as cool...

me at the chelsea.... just kidding - I'm a brunette

and Ethan Hawke at the Chelsea. He was staying there when I was there and I did wonder if maybe we would start an affair.... I hung out in the lobby reading Philip Roth because I thought he might like that and strike up a conversation with me. I didn't see him.


  1. Looks like an amazing place, would love to have had stayed there (would also love to look like that lady in my underwear!) Scarlett x

  2. LOL at reading Philip Roth in case Ethan Hawke wanted to start an affair. How about Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton - I want to stay in their knitted room.

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  3. gah! how did you hold it together? i would have sat right outside of his door! i watch reality bites every day so i can look at EH. ugh.


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