Saturday, 25 February 2012

saturday things...

today we've been to Cardiff Comic and Animation expo... me and the bert were on the museum stall for the morning (bert is nothing to do with the museum but he very kindly came along and hung out with me).

Bert on the stall... hanging out with....

...Hannah from Hannah's helpline! no way!

this is what we bought. yep, no comics... and that I heart Newport badge was free.
Bert bought himself an 'Edge' western... it's about 'the slaughter of a priest. The rape of a virgin. The looting of 100,000 dollars from a coffin.'
The bunny is mine.

it's a cutie alright. The girl that Bert bought it from said it had been run over by a car...
poor squished bunny.

Now we are home it's movie time and reading time. I've just started 'Girls to the Front: the True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution' hurray.

how was your saturday? did you get a squished bunny?


  1. awwwww... I love squishy bunny! Too cute!!! So glad he/she has found a good home :)

  2. Not a single squished bunny, yours is pretty cool though!

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  3. awwww, that poor bunny! i'm psyched about your riot grrl book. off to amazon, i go!


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