Sunday, 5 February 2012

sunday music: graveyard by feist

In my post christmas cd shopping spree I bought the Feist album 'Metals' which I love. The song 'graveyard' is just beautiful. I have no idea what she is singing about. obviously graveyards...and about bringing people to life? and then there's a bit that goes 'and history begins to be blue and brown eyed', is that bit about David Bowie?
you'll all be singing wow, oh, oh oh oh oh after this.

also... I knew that Feist and Peaches used to share a flat (a thought that makes me weirdly happy) so I was just having a little google and found this of Peaches, Feist and Gonzales!! I love it! there are a few different versions of you tube - some of which have the whole song, but the sound is a bit rubbish or the person filming it is too far away... so I picked this version which doesn't have all the song and has lots of hipsters in it too, but you can see them singing better and you can also see that Gonzales is wearing a robe.

what a treat....

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