Monday, 27 February 2012

vegan dinners

I think I've been a bit lazy recently with cooking... and not really trying anything new. Today I read this blog post about menu planning and it got me excited about cooking again. This evening I've been looking through books and magazines and writing lists (with the food network on in the background) and have already cooked some lentil and vegetable soup for tomorrow and am about to start on some gnocchi with fresh sweetcorn and roasted peppers.

Bert has also had some digestion and acid reflux problems lately, so we are trying to eat good, healthy, light, fresh foods.

Here are some pictures of some recent meals.....

we like pasta and probably have it once a week. I either go for a fresh tomato sauce or pea and roasted courgette as above.

this was a quick little dinner that Bert made (the picture doesn't do it justice). It's rice, with onions, tofu, peppers and fresh coriander with soy yogurt mint dip.

we made this pizza together on the weekend. We LOVE fresh pizza. I have written about homemade pizza quite a lot on this blog and had no intention of doing it again. But... I tweaked it a little... instead of just having a white flour base, I've been making it half and half (brown and white) and not only is it a teeny bit healthier but it tastes a million times better - kinda chewier, nuttier and lighter. yum.
This pizza has fresh tomato sauce with smoked paprika (I've been putting smoked paprika in everything), onion, sweetcorn, fresh oregano and roasted chillies too.

look at that crust!

soup boiling away on the stove - it's vegetable, lentil and tomato.

I've ordered the new Heidi Swanson book (super natural everyday) and also Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moscowitz. Have you come across any new cookbooks recently that are good? What are your favourite cookbooks? am a bit of a cookbook obsessive....


  1. I always mix wholewheat and white flout for my pizza base. The easiest, tastiest tomato sauce is a ton of cherry tomatoes put in the oven all day with oil, salt and pepper (but I bet you and Bert are experts with tomato based sauces!

    Was lovely to meet you the other week!

    Lucy x

    1. yum. haven't tried that (cherry tomatoes - but will next time) It was lovely to meet you and your sweet family too - you were looking very glamorous - am sorry it was so brief!

  2. Your pizza is making me drool all over my laptop ;P I have been way too lazy about cooking and needed the reminder, thanks! My new favorite veggie is Kale I swear I'm putting it in everything!


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