Friday, 10 February 2012

what i've been up to....

that's me, looking over the top of some patchwork I'm making in the manner of  a belly dancer.
It's a photo from a couple of weeks ago when I went to a friend's house for a sewing and hip hop evening.
last night I met a college friend for a drink and a catch up (we actually work in the same place but hardly see each other as we are in different departments) which was lovely. Tuesday was yoga night, am also thinking of giving hot yoga a go soon...
This week in work has been busy preparing for art activities for next week as it's half term. We'll be making valentines cards and then perhaps looking at monsters...

Bert got me two books today, one called 'Cassandra at the Wedding' by Dorothy Baker which was first published in 1962 and looks great, and the other a book for children by a childhood friend (and adult friend too although we don't see each other much but keep up to date on facebook) of mine Wendy Meddour - it's called 'A Hen in a Wardrobe' and it's already won awards (one of them for 'writing that improves relations between the races').

so, phew for the weekend. Tonight we are going to watch 'New Girl' which I like a lot. do you like it? Zooey is delightful...and then maybe we'll watch a movie, or charmed, or ghost whisperer. We are watching season 4 of Ghost Whisperer and it has this whole RIDICULOUS storyline about jim and sam... I do not get the point of it....  tomorrow maybe lunch out and a movie... or maybe some sewing. Am feeling a bit behind on the sewing front... and on lots of fronts to be honest... I could do with doing a bit of reading, watching the food network, blogging and maybe just some hanging out with Bert, y'know, important things.

also, the lovely shy lion tagged me on a handwriting meme which was the best as I love reading his blog. (I admit that I did not know what a meme was, but  I have googled it and therefore have grown as a person).

I am pretty sleepy, I hope this post wasn't too crazed.


  1. Aw, I want hip-hop and sewing. What a great mash-up. Patchwork ain't shit but pieces and stitch!

  2. haha. hip-hop sewing! i efing adore zooey. so much.


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