Saturday, 24 March 2012

at the movies

Bert and I have decided that every wednesday we are going to go out and watch a movie, there are so many great films on at our local arts centre and we miss so much!   I mentioned in a previous post how awful my film taste is (I do love a rom-com) but am pretty proud of what I watched this week...

I went to see this with my friends Rhys and Arabella. We had veggie burgers and pints of 'handsome' beer beforehand which makes all movies better.
I really liked this movie, I loved the way it looked and you could almost feel the humidity. It's a film that has stuck with me since watching it too. It has a slightly sad story but is quite uplifting.

Oh gosh. This was great.
It also made me a bit anxious and gave me bad dreams.
It's about a girl who has escaped a cult, and the more the film goes on the more the creepiness of the cult unfurls.
I thought it was really really good, but also never want to watch it again.
I liked the look of it too.

I love a movie based on fairy tales... and I thought this one was... but it isn't.
I really disliked this... and I found it pretty dull.
I think it's meant to be erotic... women were serving dinner in their underwear...
to be honest I was surprised a woman directed this film as it seemed a bit male fantasy...

Have you seen any of these movies?
what should we watch next?

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  1. MMMM sounds good. All I want to see is 'The Woman and Black' and 'The Hunger Games'.


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