Saturday, 31 March 2012

at the movies

oh. this week we haven't watched many movies and didn't make it to the cinema either! the plan was to go and see 'Hunger Games' but that didn't happen... maybe next week....

embarrasingly we did watch the following (along with lots of episodes of 'charmed' 'star trek', 'barefoot contessa' and 'diners drive ins and dives')

If me and Bert have the afternoon off we watch the made for tv movie on at 3.15.  It's fun to watch it together, but vaguely depressing to watch it alone. 'The perfect teacher' was about a teacher (that guy on the left) whose student (blondie on the right) has a crush on him. She is naughty alright and actually runs his ex-wife over in her car so he won't move away. It all works out fine in the end though....

I do like Ramen Girl.... it's sad that Brittany Murphy died (she died the day after we first watched this movie - I don't think it was connected).  I am pretty much a fool for any movie which has lots of cooking in it, or should I say cooking and self discovery?


Abby (Brittany) moves to Japan to be with her boyfriend, he leaves her, she's sad and eating ramen makes her feel better, she learns to make ramen, meets a hottie, he has to move for work and then eventually she moves back home and opens a ramen shop. hurrah! (hottie turns up at the end too)

I hope by next saturday we will have watched some movies of a higher quality... but there are no guarantees.


  1. Aww! I'll have to watch that Brittany Murphy film
    I was so sad when she died.
    She was so cute!

  2. Oh I love having dates with my hubby to watch a film. Yes, hunger games looks brilliant, I still haven't seen John Carter :( Wasn't that guy from 'the perfect teacher' from Baywatch?


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