Friday, 30 March 2012

friday favourite things

well...what have I been finding this week?
all of this stuff!

a charming telegram from Dirk Bogarde to director Joseph Losey about a part in a film he'd just finished playing.

a really pretty room....I love the dark walls and the headphones

I want this kitty top.

really pretty hanging felt hearts, easy to make but look so good!
I love the film 'Daisies' and it's showing at our local cinema soon. Here is the gorgeous poster....
...and a still from the film. I get all my style tips from the brunette.
It has been super hot this week, like middle of summer hot. Yesterday and today I went swimming after work to cool down and hang out in the steam room.

sadly I did not go swimming here. It seems that even in this paradise of pools they have lanes. Lanes in pools are not one of my friday favourite things, they are ridonkulous. Down with lanes! down with lanes!

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