Friday, 23 March 2012

friday favourites

everyone is doing friday favourite things so why not me?
here goes....

This week I have been learning to crochet. I have taken to it much more than knitting, I even dreamt about crochet which proves that it has got right in my head. I adore this blanket, I hope I can make something like it soon.
did you ever read Judy Blume? she is amazing. I remember reading this when I was young and feeling it was kind of naughty.... I'd quite like to re-read it, especially with this cover.

'Sleeping Beauty performs an operation' by Sarah Maple, my new favourite artist.
My friend Jackie took me to Maple's exhibition in London a couple of weeks ago. She has done a series of these photos called 'disney princesses', I loved the phrase she used 'You can't be what you can't see' in the sense that if young girls don't see women doing great things they won't know that they can be anything they want to be.

sorry, not sure where this image is from.
This week the Welsh Government decided not to 'cull' badgers (or kill badgers, I hate how the word cull is used), but to vaccinate them instead. This is good news for badgers and all who love them!!
(more info here)

we went to see Marcy May Martha Marlene at the cinema this week (a 'review' of that to come tomorrow)
the above picture is of Elizabeth Olson who is the main star of the film. She is also a style icon. ELIZABETH AND I HAVE THE SAME JUMPER!!!
Here I am:
I know I know, it's hard to tell who wore it best.
the jumper is from TopShop should you want one.
Have you got any favourite things this week? please share.x


  1. \ahahhh cracking me up with that last set of pics! Great jumper!

    I'm off to explore that
    artist some more!

    xo em

  2. Awe, it's so cool to know the Welsh government decided not to kill badgers! :) It breaks my heart when I know they're killing animals, even possums :(.

    And look at you all fashionable with your sweater! ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. thank you miki! i am feeling really fashionable right now, especially as people laughed at my jumper when i wore it.

  3. Aah YOU are the fourth Olsen. It's uncanny!

    Fab post, gotta love badgers and Judy Blume. I remember that one well (along with 'Forever' with the sex bit - got banned from our school - lame).

    Sarah Maple looks cool, I'm so woefully under-cultured at the moment.
    Have a great weekend x

    1. forever is great! i remember that her cheeks were flushed from the cold so they had sex by the fire. or something.
      and yep, the older darker olsen....

  4. The blanket really is beautiful! I'm really pleased that you're getting on better with the crochet, and I'm sure you'll be making blankets in no time!x

  5. that blanket is crazy! i love it. this week i'm into sleeping late and watching "my name is earl".

  6. I'm a keen crocheter but haven't seen a blanket like this before -its lovely! Badgers are great too :)


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