Thursday, 1 March 2012

ice cream colours - what i wore

Hello! Happy St David's day! I've had a busy day in work doing art activites... it was pretty cute tho as today I did the art activities in an old 18th century (i think - i am not great on dates) barn and little robins kept coming in to say hello!

I mentioned yesterday that I won a giveaway over on dreamsarenecessary and here it is!

 Isn't it lovely? and I love the little note it came in and the business cards. I love ice cream colours and I had an outfit to match....

you should probably visit claire's shop and get yourself an ice cream brooch.. or a tooth plush.xx


  1. Ahh! It looks so cute on you!

  2. Oh wow Sian, that is a wonderful win. Not just cute but pretty gorgeous too. This foodie is admiring it with big greedy eyes. I will go by and check out Claires shop. I have moved to Gwent by the way.

  3. How cwooot, I love badges and brooches, I will hop over to her blog now xxx

  4. the cutest! i love the sprinkles!

  5. What a cute ice cream brooch! :p Winning giveaways rock! Right now I'm impatiently waiting for a crocheted blanket and a pair of shades I won in 2 different giveaways.


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