Tuesday, 13 March 2012

movies we've been watching....

some of my friends say that I have the worst taste in films. When my friends Jackie and Ben go to the cinema together and see a trailer for some trashy looking rom-com, Ben says 'that's one for Sian'...
this is what we've watched over the last week or so

Clint Eastwood is in this, he has pretty good hair as  you can see from the photo, but he really shouldn't have slept with that lady there... she's crazy.
Clint also has a really good house in this one which has some kind of indoor stream with stepping stones.

I have read two of the 'pants' books... and I have watched these films before.
This weekend at the supermarket you could buy both films for £5!! Yep.
so we watched one on saturday and one on sunday and I cried in both.
I love Amber Tamblyn.

we went to the cinema to see this. That's Ethan Hawke and he's being nuzzled Kristen Scott Thomas.
The film is half in french and half in english.
It explains nothing and keeps you guessing and wondering about it afterwards.
It was pretty good.

I swear this is Bert's favourite film (Bert says it's not really....)
It has Kim Cattrall as a ice skating coach.
Michelle Tractenberg is a nerd set for Harvard who gets hooked on ice skating.
She pays for some skating lessons by helping other skaters improve their jumps by using physics. She regularly says 'that's physics' after saying something vaguely scientific.

you been watching anything good? any guilty movie pleasures?


  1. I love 'Play Misty For Me' , Jessica Walter was fantastic as Clint Eastwoods scary fan!

  2. I think we're at polar opposites in the film taste department. Can I call my movie tastes a pleasure? NO! Plenty to feel guilty about though. Friday was Japanese film "I Saw the Devil" very violent and nasty, but funny (I reckon) too.
    I also watched Houseboat starring Sophia Loren, much more up your street, have you seen it?

    1. ew. i can't cope with violent and nasty! i like it when ladies get together and help each other...
      i haven't seen houseboat, i'll check that one out.

  3. Haha - sooo many guilty pleasures! I have wide ranging film tastes (pretty much anything except Saw type torture movies, no thanks) but I especially love 80s high school films and terrible dance flicks like 'Step Up' for my comfort watching. I'm really really looking forward to The Hunger Games and desperate to see The Woman in Black too.

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

    1. i LOVE eighties movies! i also like films like dangerous minds where the tough kids grow through reading poetry. sigh
      am going to put step up on my love film right now,x

  4. haha! i love your synopses! perfecT! clint eastwood really did have great hair in that movie. swoon.


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