Monday, 19 March 2012

sadie has a new blanket

Look at that girl!
Sadie does love a blanket and sits on all of them. I keep meaning to make her a blanket, but am taking so long about it I bought her one for a £1 instead.
She loves it.
Although it hasn't stopped her sleeping on Bert's quilt....

In other kitty news, did you see Dr Octopus over at dainty squid?
Sadie would never do this...

also, Pip's daughter Rin has a new kitten called Cyril... ohmygosh how cute is he???
(It's not like I know Pip, but she has been teaching me crochet this weekend...without her knowledge)


  1. Good to have a choice of blankets, even if they are not all yours!

  2. Too much cute for one post! *head explodes*

  3. Don't you find that cats always sit in something that doesn't belong to them, but claim it as if it does? Not sure about the dressing up of animals though :( However, what a cute kitten. How is your crocheting coming along?

    1. crocheting.... slowly... i'll post about it soon... i may need some help!!

  4. Awe! Sadie should totally become friends with my Dimitri, hehe. He's black, too and very naughty, haha >*.*<. I'm such a crazy cat lady! Glad to know you love kitties, too ;).

  5. I love cats so much! I have a beautiful stray called Oscar who now is very fat and pampered!


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