Tuesday, 27 March 2012

vegetable bake

I've been away for the weekend - I went to Aberystwyth to visit my parents... Aberystwyth is BEAUTIFUL in the sun and it's been so hot over the last few days. Today I am feeling a little hayfevery and tired... hayfever gets me down.. but I usually get it early on in the season and then by June am fine.

Bert has still been having digestion and stomach problems, but I made this delicious healthy bake with beans and vegetables and I think it did him good.  We had it with salad and coleslaw and lemony white wine (that wine bit was just me) and it tasted so good. Feast your eyes on this!


  1. I miss wine....sob...

    Dinner looks pretty good too x

  2. ohhhhh! that looks like the most comforting dish, ever!


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