Wednesday, 11 April 2012

creative space - new brown and yellow quilt!

Yep, I seem to have taken a sewing break..... my excuse? I've been reading... and trying to learn to crochet. It's so difficult to fit everything I want to do in! I have had a few days off too, but I just wanted to rest and watch movies and make food (oh and snuggle sadie cat, she is SO cute when I'm at home with her all day).

But then.. I got the itch... I just wanted to choose some fabrics and get going.

I mentioned this fabric yesterday (my mum and dad's old curtains) and am using this as the main fabric for my new brown and yellow quilt.


  1. Lovely fabrics for your quilt!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. love the idea that your using your parents old curtains :)

  3. Awe, I love the fabric you chose! ;) Your quilt is going to look great.

    Hope you're having a nice week ;D.


  4. This is gonna be epic, Sian! I love the colors and fabrics. ^_^

  5. Your fabric is divine and I love that it is old curtains. It caught my eye. Cx

  6. Hello Sian:
    We could not help but notice the very kind, and far too generous, reference which you had made to us in your comment on Lucy's recent post and so, curiosity being what it is, here we are and have signed up as Followers.

    We confess to being totally unable to do as much as thread a needle but are always fascinated with the work of people, such as yourself, who are so very talented and creative where craft is concerned. And here you are using such very attractive, recycled fabric.

  7. thank you for all the lovely comments! i've done a bit more since this photo (and then ran out of brown thread) so i'll add photos as i go along.
    and jane and lance! how lovely to have you as followers! welcome!!x

  8. that's so cool that the curtains will get a new life as a lovely quilt.... Love it! I have trouble fitting in everything I want to do too :)

  9. I love this mishmash of all the prints. Good combo!


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