Monday, 9 April 2012

flea market finds and fabric

I went to Aberystwyth a little while ago to visit my parents, get fed and get my car serviced. I also nipped round the charity shops.... look at my haul!

 I wish I was in Vienna.....
Or maybe hanging out with this guy... country style....
the above are two records I bought for Bert. Am not sure how impressed he was....

 This gorgeous brown fabric isn't from a charity shop, but is second hand. When my mum and dad moved into their house these curtains were hanging in the study... stay tuned to find out what I did with them. (clue, it's what I always do with material)
oh, and mama bought me this from the fabric shop. So cute!

(more flea market finds right here)


  1. those fabrics are great! the records don't look bad either! yay for thrifting!

  2. Great finds!! I'm loving the fabrics


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