Friday, 6 April 2012

friday favourite things

crazy cute little mouse and bear in an altoid tin!
I would have loved this when I was little (and of course, love it now too).

Bert bought me the new Joyce Carol Oates yesterday, and I've started it already. I think it's going to be a good one, but more on it when I have read a bit more. Meanwhile, above is a picture of her with a kitty....

While looking for that picture of Joyce I came across the site writers and kitties. That's Allen Ginsberg and his cat in the picture above.

my new favourite treats!
vegan raw treats - I guess that doesn't sound that exciting... but they are really yummy...
none of them have sugar in so they are not super sweet, but they are rich and delicious.
I just ate that raspberry brownie by happy kitchen...and I love coconut ombars. Those nakd bars are good too, but are more bar than chocolatey.

this exhibition looks good. It's about the 'zoological gaze'. huh.

as it's easter... a bunny....
...and a 1950s bunny too.



  1. That bunny is so cute it makes me want to cry! haha
    Have a good weekend

  2. OMG! I LOVE the mouse and the Teddy Bear in a tin!!! :D It's making me smile big time! :D

    Hope you have an awesome weekend! ;D


  3. i just squealed the most! bunnies + jco + 1950's bunny. you've made my day.


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