Friday, 20 April 2012

friday favourite things

this picture is so sweet. i love all three of those cats....

...and this cat! sadie has been such lovely company when I've been off this week...

...even though she keeps stealing my sofa....

Pip wrote about the book 'Homespun Style' on her blog, and I couldn't resist getting a copy (by phoning Bert at work and getting him to pick one up)
here it is....
and it is so pretty, with lots of lovely homes and ideas inside.

this picture is beautiful - the bunny, the shirt, the human/bunny kiss and snuggle...

slightly animal-heavy post there! anyway, hope you all have a wonderful weekend... I am still recovering from shingles... so I guess that my weekend will be more books and more blankets.


  1. Good ol' Bert and Sadie taking care of you!
    I like the lady's top with the bunny.
    Take care this weekend, get yourself well, or well read, at least.

    Lucy x

    1. Thanks Lucy! am on my fifth book.... and both sadie and bert have been delighful.

  2. Hello Sian:
    We are so sorry to read that you continue to be unwell. But, you do sound to be putting a brave face on it all and, clearly, you are in the capable and, no doubt, caring hands of Bert. Enjoy the time for reading as surely it will come to an end quickly enough once you are back on your feet!

    1. Thank you Jane and Lance! Although Bert disagrees that I am being brave...I am possibly a bit moany. Bert is taking good care of me though. Hope you both have a good weekend!

  3. Awe, kitties make me smile! :D

    And that book looks awesome.

    Have a great weekend, Sian!

  4. books and blankets aren't the worst thing! feel better, bb! <3

  5. I love a cat picture. No matter what. Now you've got me wanting bunnies, too.

  6. I know I always say this, but everything time I see a pic of Sadie I think it's Sisco!
    Make sure you're having lots of fresh juices and smoothies to boost your immune system


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