Friday, 27 April 2012

friday favourite things

hello friday! everyday has kind of been like a friday recently seeing as I've been at home for two weeks. I am going to work for a bit tomorrow though. I have some crazy wild plans for this weekend - the library, going to the new coffee shop that has just opened round the corner from me, work tomorrow and my niece's ballet recital on sunday.

The following  have caught my eye this week.... (in between watching the housewives of orange county and stuff)

I know it's getting warmer, but I'm always on the look out for a red cape, and I think this might be THE ONE!

do you pick up feathers and leaves and then don't know what to do with them? then you need one of these!

.....amazing! and £40.... I love it, but am never going to get one....

I adore these flip dolls. this one has a nurse one side and a patient the other... other dolls have a boy one side and a girl the other, so you don't have gender specific toys! whoop!

ooo ooo ooo, a new rufus wainwright album? I'm a getting it.
happy weekend.x


  1. Haha, yes I'm always picking up feathers and so are the boys. Usually they go into my handbag and I forget about them until I discover them weeks later all bent. That thing does just look like a matchbox with holes in it though, can't you improvise? The doll's pretty cool, I have one of those upsidedown-y skirt ones.

    The cape is pretty cool - you'd be tempted to carry a basket as well though wouldn't you?

    Happy weekend!

  2. rufus is lookin' a lot like gavin rossdale these days.

  3. do you think? maybe it's the hair? he was on a cooking/chat show in the uk the other week making crumble... it was adorable (i don't think he's much of a cook tho apparently can make carrot soup)


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