Friday, 13 April 2012


oop! too busy to post about friday favourite things... I'm teaching a little printing tomorrow morning and have been busy preparing for it, so, wanna see pictures of that instead??

we are going to be doing a little speedball printing tomorrow (kind of like lino) and the purple leaf above is one of my prints on fabric. I added it to a patchwork as a little example.

I love a bit of potato printing. here are some ready to go.

a rubbish photo... but just to show you that I've been playing about with sunprint fabric.
Have got lots of ideas of what else I can do with it. ...

...also my little blog is featured over here -how nice!! they feature lots of different blogs, so am sure you could find some new reads.


  1. Love a potato print - used to do them all the time when I ran craft at playgroup, I was obviously cutting edge!

    That sunprint stuff looks pretty cool, how's that work then?

    Oh and well done on the pocket change shout out


  2. Hello Sian:
    As we write this we imagine that you are most likely hard at work teaching at your printing class. But what fun it must surely be and we love the quality to be found in both potato and lino cut prints.

    Have a really enjoyable day!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I'd love to give this a go!

  4. that sunprint stuff looks super fun!

  5. thanks for the comments! i think the printmaking went ok.... i'll do a post on sunprint fabric to show you how it works!!


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