Monday, 9 April 2012

Paul Auster - Winter Journal

Here is Sadie pointing at this seasons must-read....

It's 'Winter Journal' by Paul Auster.. it isn't out until august/sept this year...but Bert got hold of an advance reading copy.
Winter Journal is a memoir in which the author looks back on his life - in particular the more recent death of his mother - and prepares himself for old age, what he calls the winter of his life.  Auster has previously written another memoir called Red Notebook which looked more at his younger self and how he began writing, and Winter Journal does feel like a kind of follow on  from that. Saying that his memoirs aren't conventional memoirs, they are perhaps more meditations and memories rather than a linear story of Auster's life.

Auster has written lots of non fiction, plays, poetry and edited anthologies, but I think he's most well known for his fiction - books like 'The New York Trilogy' perhaps. My favourites (and I have not read them all!) are some of his later ones - Oracle Night, Brooklyn Follies and The Book of Illusions, and I love how he deals with similar themes in many of his books, plays with narrators, writes stories within stories, plays with the reader. He is pretty clever.  Also his books are really easy to read, they are smart and challenging and page turners too! Another thing I like is that he always uses the same font in his books!

Here's a little film of him talking about Winter Journal.

Have you read any Auster? what is your favourite? what are you reading? huh? tell me!x


  1. i hear this auster guy is pretty great! i'm reading "emma". it's spring, and that's what i do. haha.

  2. I've never read anything by him yet :/. I should, though, soon ;).

    Hope you have a great week, Sian! ;D




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