Monday, 2 April 2012

stuff about me.... and some blogs

the lovely lovely shy lion gave a little shout out to my blog the other day (you may want to visit his blog for crochet, knitting and dancing like kate bush), apparently I'm meant to tell you 7 facts about myself and nominate 15 blogs....  I thought I'd mention some local bloggers that I've come across recently...but maybe not 15.

anyways, here are seven 'facts':

1. when I was in college I invented a new city called 'San Ystwyth' which was a mixture of San Francisco and Aberystwyth. I wrote to lots of celebrities asking them to come live there and made lots of maps.  In 2005 I was artist in residence in Quebec and etched lots of maps of the's a picture of one.

2. I really love minimalist art and got a bit teary when I went to see a Donald Judd exhibition.
3. I like to wear reds, greens and blacks, I also like lots of pattern.
4. I wish I looked like Lisa Bonet

5. I like the smell of coffee and of lemon
6. I think books make a room
7. I have a big sister called Emma who works in the same museum as me, she has three cute little girls.

I read lots of blogs, I've linked to lots on the right hand side!  but here are some local to me blogs, a few of which I've only just discovered....

the secret corner is really lovely. Jen makes cute brooches - Bert bought me one a while a go and it's adorable!... here's an example...

cathryn weatherhead blogs about her gorgeous screen prints and art work.

My friend Amy blogs mainly about her garden over at grainys garden, but also writes about knitting, cooking, sewing and her cute cat seren

Samantha from samantha makes runs our quilt club. She has recently started a blog to show the world how amazing she is at quilting!

I used to work with Michelle, but haven't seen her in a while. Luckily I can just keep up to date with what she's up to via her blog Malibu Sunrise which also has lots about the books she has been reading.

and finally, lucy! woo! she blogs at being of sound mind and writes about her life, her family, charity shopping and lots of other stuff and she does it all WONDERFULLY! so there. go check those guys out.x


  1. I'd like to live in San Ystwyth with you and Bert as my neighbours. I'd return all borrowed books and CD's, honestly!

    Thanks for the mention, I very much like your blog and wish I was as talented as you at art and craft.

    Off to check out the other links.

    Lucy x

  2. thank you for the mention & i hope your enjoying your brooch! one of my friends has the 'croeso in cartref ni' print in her flat ~ its lovely.


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