Sunday, 1 April 2012

sunday music - Margo Guryan - Someone I Know

hello sunday.
Bert is going to write about music today. Bert has the most cds out of anyone I know. Go bert! whoop.x

Hello Sian Lile Makes! Bert here. How are you?

From time to time I like to think of Margo Guryan walking in the rain, smoking a cigarette and looking in shop windows.  Her songs conjure up a kind of romantic melancholy nostalgic feeling, which is up there in my top 5 fave feelings.  This particular song (from her 1968 gem Take A Picture) is just so beautiful and so sweet, Margo singing about when you meet someone and it's like you've known them forever, which DOES happen and it doesn't always mean you're insane.  Because, who knows, you might've met before.  That gorgeous oboe (i think?) melody is borrowed from Bach, doesn't it just make you want to gaze wistfully out of a window?  I do love my Sunshine Pop, but I'd say this is definitely more Rain Pop...perfect Sunday music.

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