Monday, 23 April 2012

what i've been reading...

I won't go on about being poorly any more! am actually feeling better but am still quite worn out and have this week off to recover. What I have been doing is reading....

yep, all of them!
They are mainly young adult books as I didn't feel I could manage anything more taxing!
My favourites of the above were 'This will go down on your permanent record' by Susannah Felts and 'Dash and Lily's Book of Dares' by Rachel Cohen and David Levithan.
Yesterday I started reading the new craze - 'Fifty Shades of Grey' by EL James.... anyone else reading this? I must say, am not really enjoying it so far....
have you read anything good recently?


  1. Hello Sian:
    Thank you. We now see the title and author of the novel with a photographic theme.

    We are so pleased that you are feeling more yourself and trust that by the end of this week, taking care, you will be back to normal.

    1. thank you! i'm planning to be back in work on saturday!

  2. Hi, Sian! Happy Monday! ;) These book covers are so lovely! I feel like reading all those books, hehe. I might have said this before, but if you love reading, you should check out if your local library has a book sale area where they sell material people donate and library discharged books and magazines. I volunteer in one nearby and get to buy A LOT of amazing titles before we put them up for sale.

    Hope you've started your week off with a huge smile! ;D


    1. hi miki!
      i go to our local library quite a lot (a couple of the books in the photo are from the library)and they do have a book sale area but only a little one.... i should check it more often! bert works in a bookshop, so i get books on discount too and free reading copies! whoop.x

  3. I can only manage magazines when I'm poorly, so well done for tackling that lot!
    If you are feeling better by May 8th, perhaps you and Bert would like to come along to Cineworld for the showing of Clare's documentary? 6 o'clock drinks, 6.30 start of film. X

    1. ooo what is it all about?

    2. oop,have just seen your blog! i'll see what bert is up to!

  4. There's something very appealing about the dash and lily book, might have to investigate that further. tempted to buy the homespun style one as my local library never gets decent books in that genre. glad your feeling a bit better. I'm going thru a phase of starting but not finishing boks which is most unlike me, i think i need some easy reading to get me back into the mode x


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