Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I made this!
It's a protest banner which translated from the Welsh means somethng along the lines of 'asylum seekers are looking for a safe place'
I have never done any cross stitch before - and am not even sure this counts, does it? I'm kinda proud of myself, though realise I should have made the 'l's' a bit taller....
anyways, the reason I made this is because the craftivist collective are coming to the museum where I work to run a workshop with us. It would be really lovely if any of you Cardiff people could come! Let me know if you need any details.

(am linking up with Lakota's ta-dah tuesday, go check it out!)
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  1. This is very cool, although I'm glad you translated as whilst I can pronounce it all I would have had no clue what it said. You have very cute 'needlewriting' and should definitely be proud! The craftivist lot sound really interesting too, I'm following them on Twitter now. Do you follow Rachel at Firebird? She's been involved with some of their stuff, her blog is on my sidebar.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. Hey, that's really cool! Do tell us all about the workshop x


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